Monday, 17 December 2012

4 Step Plan to High-End Remodeling

For those working on a high-end or commercial remodel project it is essential to have in place a highly skilled team of surveyors. An initial survey is the first part of the remodel project from which everything else will then follow, which includes the plans, detailed 3D walk-through sketches, in-depth drawings, etc. The surveying team will be skilled in the art of using the latest high-tech laser measuring equipment to create the 3-dimensional reproductions of a building, which is perfect to show to clients to showcase how a property will appear.
The 3-dimensional model is designed to make the entire design and construction process a far sight easier for all parties involved in the project. It will make it easier to calculate the precise dimensions, length, and area of a building, while also making it easier to change the plans.
Here are the four main steps involved in the process of a high-end remodel -
1. Surveying with laser measuring equipment and automatically producing the as-built drawings from those measurements. The data files which are generated by the laser surveying are able to offer a range of services, which generally consists of generating graphic modeling, creating fly through presentations, interior decoration modeling, full-scale 3D scans, and animation scans.
2. Taking 360 photos of the entire place, to create a 3D walk-through. 360-photography is highly effective at creating precise architectural visualization to give a true impression of the appearance of a building. A 360 degree design offers the most impressive way to display a design concept to a client. A 360 designed visual tour essentially uses a series of photographs which are stitched together to create a seamless reproduction which are viewed via an interactive image viewer.
3. Storing all drawings, data, photos, and 360 walk-through in the cloud for secure and easy access. Cloud storage is highly effective and convenient way of storing all data in a central place which is perfect to stop the architects or designers from having to carry it with them when they are away from their desks or at meetings. If able to use cloud storage it will be possible for the building contractors to gain access of to the plans from any location in the world. All that will be required would be a reliable internet connection.
4. Putting into practice the remodel plans. With the in-depth plans, drawings and designs completed, it is time to carry out the construction of the building.